***NEW Product**** Head Light Restoration Kit

***NEW Product**** Head Light Restoration Kit

We asked our customers what's missing in our range, and one of the several items we've been asked for is a head light restorer.

If there's a great product out there already, why not team up with them and include it in a kit with some great Shelby products too.

So thats what we've done.

Working with Peek Polish, we've come up with a kit that we think does the job perfectly!

If your lights a looking a little bit dull, then this one is for you.


CSL Shelby will be at SEMA 22 in Las Vegas 1st - 4th Nov

CSL Shelby will be at SEMA 22 in Las Vegas 1st - 4th Nov

CSL Shelby attends SEMA 22

We've signed up to be at the largest and what we feel to be the best automotive show in the world - SEMA 22.

We'd love to see you there if you're a: -

  • Retailer
  • Detailer
  • Distributor
  • or just interested in great Car Care products.

See you in November!

Free Delivery to Europe and beyond on all orders over £50 (€60, $65)


As the cost of living starts to bite everyones pockets, CSL has taken the decision to lower the order value to £50, €60 and $65

For the next two months, we're sending international parcels with ZERO shipping costs and that means you can now grab a ceramic kit without additional costs to receive it.


Can a Ceramic Coating save you money?

Can a Ceramic Coating save you money?

Applying a ceramic coating is either quite expensive or can be a bit of hard work if you do it yourself.

Granted if you go to a good detailer, especially one of our accredited guys, you'll get paint correction to take the car back to looking even better than when you first bought it! These guys work miracles. Only downside is that they can be expensive, but well justified in the quality of work they produce day after day!

On the other hand, if you do it yourself, it does take time. From cleaning to prepping and then applying. Luckily...

Protecting NOW at the start of the season

Protecting NOW at the start of the season

Right now, we are being bombarded with huge cost in living increases, and already we're seeing the start of fuel increase's which will undoubtedly hurt many of our pockets.

We've been asked what increases we're seeing, and yes, we're seeing plenty.

The cost of goods has been soaring recently. From the cost of packaging - bottles for the ceramic coating have more than doubled in 6 months. Labels have increased due to raw materials going through the roof. Add all this to the basic cost of raw materials used in our products, the rises have been relentless.

SO, as a...