**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale
**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale
**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale
**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale
**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale

**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale

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This is your chance to buy products that aren't released for another 4 weeks,

By pre-ordering them now, these will be automatically sent to you when we release them for sale.

On the day we release them for general sale, they'll be at full price  so by getting in first, you'll be saving anywhere between 30 and 50%


The Official CSL Shelby Detailer's Bag

This custom designed and embroidered bag is a fantastic addition to any car care fans collection. The Bag holds up to 12 x 500ml bottles and 6 microfibre cloths. Made from hard wearing material, the Detailers bag is the perfect way to store your products at home, in the car or in the garage.

Launch Date: June 18th Normal Price £44.99 PRELAUNCH PRICE £29.99

The Ultimate Waterless Product - SHELBY'S CERAMIC WATERLESS WASH.

You already know us for our ceramic high performance, well now we've taken that technology and put it in a waterless wash.

Spray on, wipe off, buff! Its as simple as that!

All our best ingredients are here to encapsulate any dirt safely lifting it from the surface of your vehicle, then the detergents clean the surface and when you wipe across the surface to gently lift the contaminants away, the ceramic instantly bonds with the vehicle.

All that's left now is to BUFF it to an amazing CERAMIC PROTECTED SHINE.

AND the real beauty of this product, every time you use it you're building up that layer of ceramic on your surface - doesn't get much better than that!

Launch Date: May 27th Normal Price £34.99 PRELAUNCH PRICE £19.99


We've been getting asked for two years now to add these. AND here they are, what a start to the range, launching officially at Waxstock 2022.


A mind blowing scent evoking the fantastic and evocative aroma's tantalising your senses from the Vegas casinos and nightclubs. Memories of the various smell tingling aroma's from the most famous street in the world - The Vegas Strip and the 2nd most famous, Fremont Street. Spray this in your car and you'll never want to leave it.

Launch Date: June 5th Normal Price £15.99 PRELAUNCH PRICE £9.99
Again evoking the very essence of the Bellagio Hotel AND adding the hugely popular Dark Cherry scent from the wonderfully tasty cherries grown in the hills around the Italian village of Bellagio on the shores of Lake Como! Once again, spray this and your sense of smell will over take your need to leave the car.
Well there you go folks, 4 fantastic new products available right now to pre-order and have them on your doorstep the day before we officially launch them.
Launch Date: June 5th Normal Price £15.99 PRELAUNCH PRICE £9.99
**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale
**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale
**NEW PRODUCTS** Pre-Launch Sale